AARK collective 2015 NEW COLLECTION 予約受付スタート!!



《AARK collective – 2015 new collection》





SHELL  《アイテム紹介》

The Shell is defined by its playful charm. A homage to classic watch design, it combines AÃRK’s signature minimalism with a crafted finish.
Available in white or brown, the unique patterning of each hand-moulded acetate case ensures that no two Shells are the same. Balancing beauty and functionality, this watch is driven by a reliable Japanese Quartz movement and protected by a durable stainless steel inner casing.
Traditional design is referenced in the elongated indexes and Italian calfskin leather band, while geometric details and a wave-form steel keeper carry the graphic signature of AÃRK’s 002 collection.



EON  《アイテム紹介》

Bold, clean and contemporary, the Eon is AÃRK’s statement watch.
Made to last a lifetime, if not an eon, the design incorporates premium components at every level. Sapphire-coated mineral glass protects a laser-cut dial featuring white luminosity in the hands, indexes, date display and chronograph. Reliable Japanese Quartz movement is teamed with a soft band, hand-made from premium Horween Leather.
The Eon’s design includes an alternative links band, customised by AÃRK. Adjustable with the included strap-changing tool, this feature allows the wearer to customise their look based on mood and purpose.



ECLIPSE  《アイテム紹介》

The Eclipse explores AÃRK’s relationship with time. Day and night are referenced in the dual-tone plating—hand-dipped in gold—while the simple, contrasting dial evokes the moon’s movement in relation to the earth and the sun.
Beautiful and functional, the understated design features a thin case profile and reserves playfulness for the detail: a customised gold keeper and gold mirror disc on the hour hand. Driven by a reliable Japanese Quartz movement, the Eclipse is protected by scratch-resistant mineral glass and finished with an Italian calfskin leather band.



TIDE  《アイテム紹介》

The Tide combines AÃRK’s contemporary minimalism with traditional luxury.
Available in brushed stainless steel or gold plating, the slim outer case frames a simple dial featuring raised indexes and a subtle wave-form detail on the hour hand. The design is underpinned by premium materials, including a soft and durable band sourced from iconic US tannery Horween Leather.
Driven by a Swiss Quartz movement and protected by sapphire-coated mineral glass, the Tide is a truly unisex timepiece in size, weight and finish.





troa accessories トロア・アクセサリーズ


結婚指輪・婚約指輪 … NATURE:ネイチャー / Lady Tiara:レディティアラ / CHOCOLA:ショコラ / Retro.:レトロ / sowi:ソーイ / PROOF OF GUILD:プルーフオブギルド / NINA RICCI:ニナリッチ / Something Blue:サムシングブルー / Disney Cinderella Bridal Collection:ディズニーシンデレラ ブライダルコレクション / nocur:ノクル / Petit Marie St.Cecilia collection:プチマリエ セントセシリアコレクション etc…
アクセサリー … SERGE THORAVAL:セルジュトラヴァル / by boe:バイボー / sowi:ソーイ / Florian:フローリアン / JOE SCHMOE for Def Company:ジョーシュモウ / Lymousset:リムセ / La mascotte:ラマスコット / januka:ヤヌカ / Mühlbauer:ミュールバウアー etc…
ウォッチ … AARK:アーク / induna:インデュナ / Fleur:フル―ル
アイウェア … ayame:アヤメ / OG×OLIVER GOLDSMITH:オージー バイ オリバーゴールドスミス / THOM BROWNE.NEW YORK:トムブラウン ニューヨーク / EnaLloid:エナロイド / SUPER:スーパー / AKITTO:アキット / USH:アッシュ / PROPO DESIGN:プロポデザイン / Mr.Gentleman Eyewear:ミスタージェントルマン アイウェア / Seacret Remedy:シークレットレメディ / SOLID BLUE:ソリッドブルー / Pierre Eyewear:ピエールアイウェア
雑貨 … KUSU HANDMADE:クス ハンドメイド / HASAMI:ハサミ / 遊 中川:ゆう なかがわ / TRUSTY WOOD WORKS:トラスティウッドワークス / motta:モッタ / SABAE mimikaki:鯖江みみかき